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 Robotic Process Services

Our RPA Services empower our clients to automate business processes, freeing up their time to focus on productive and value creating tasks.

Why Choose UiPath Solutions?

Our Robotic Process Services Offering

Jump Start Service

Gerald Jump Start Service provides great value in a short time of period. Our package includes, Project Management, Robot Design, Development, Testing and Deployment for a fix fee.

RPA Delivery

Leverage our deep RPA expertise. We help you in the full implementation lifecycle – and we deliver both faster and smarter

Managed Services

Allow your staff  businesses to focus on their work while our automation experts  operate your environment compliant and following best practices.

RPA Governance

RPA deployed in scale requires a strong governance to comply with company policies and security guideline. We have built a track proven governance model to address your needs.

Jump Start Service

  • Consulting

In our consulting session we will advise you on the best approach for your business to implement RPA with a fast ROI.

  • Discovery and Design

In the Discovery and Design phase we will identify quick wins and accordingly take of the process design in RPA.

  • Proof of Concept

Proof of Concepts are perfect to proof the feasibility and business case. In a 1 to 2 weeks phase our experts will automate a process for your validation.

  • Deployment

From license procurement to software installation  and training, we got you covered that after our Jump Start Services you can pursue your RPA journey.

RPA Delivery

  • Consulting

We provide you practical help in opportunity pipeline generation, automation candidate process definition, configuration and development, as well as quality assurance

  • ​​RPA Infrastructure

Gerald provides a unique service that provides a solid RPA infrastructure foundation for RPA operations in your organization. 

  • Development

Fast creation of robots is the key of fast ROI. Leverage our Experts who have experience in various industries and business processes to translate your requirements into a digital worker.

  • Continuous Optimization 

Robotize by connecting the processes to automate cross-functional data initiatives and remove manual touch points in dependent processes.

Managed Service

  • Organization Health Monitoring

Proactive monitoring to ensure agreed outputs are generated and provide resolutions to ensure RPA processes operate at peak efficiency.

  • Maintenance

Continuous maintenance to apply updates and patches related to the tool and improve the process efficiency to make more robust and stable.

  • User Support

Flexible and efficient SLA’s to meet business requirements and provide support, troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Proactive Management

Dedicated pre-agreed time is allocated for performing proactive management and enhancements to the processes

RPA Governance

  • Security Management

Robots have access to sensitive company information like their human co-workers. Gerald will guide you to build a strong governance around User management and access reviews are required.

  • Release and Requirement Management

Our Approach to Release and Requirement Management is to use our Agile Methodology. While it provides rapid and flexible way of delivery, you still will have the necessary control to reduce your risk.

  • Business Continuity Planning

As any business-critical platform proper Business Continuity Planning is required. Based on your BCP guidelines we will advise you how to build a robust BCP plan for RPA.

  • Performance & Risk Management

It is important to measure and visualize the benefits that are being realized. We advise you on formulating the right KPIs is key such as quality, first time right, predictable service levels and client satisfaction.

Leader in Robotic Process Automation

Process Execution and Efficiency Monitoring


One of the fastest and most robust RPA solutions on the market today

User friendly process designer

AI based features to improve as new data arrives 


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