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At Gerald, we are trained to earn your trust. We are fully committed to make Vlocity as the preferred digital-first industry cloud software, leveraging on technology to better serve you.

Why Choose Vlocity Solutions?

100% native and additive to Salesforce

Leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software

Industry specific interactions across any channel (omnichannel by design)

Pre-integrated services

Digital-First Approach

Our Vlocity Services Offering



Managed Services



  • Strategy Consulting

We are thinking beyond our individual roles to find the best solution for you. We implicitly support and take extra steps to exceed your expectations.

  • Discovery and Design

We provide a holistic view of the process, how technology will fulfill that process, and how to deliver an elegant but efficient experience in the customer`s selected channel.

  • Project Recovery

As part of our Project Management and Development Services, we create remedial actions and take the lead to recover the project to the path to success.

  • Digital Enterprise

We isolate business function capabilities into reusable functions (Microservices). We will be side-by side with you in your journey to digital-first approach to simplify user experience and support new devices and channels.


  • Out-of-the-Box Implementation

We are guided with Vlocity/Salesforce configurable service approach – 80% configuration and 20%  custom coding.  We will find a pre-integrated tools or develop a new one for your specific needs.

  • Straight-Through Process Implementation

At Gerald, we will guide you by creating a discrete and achievable straight-through implementation phases. Enacting rules that allow business to flow straight through.

  • Agile Middle and Back Office

With an easy-to-administer middle and back office engines, we will provide and help you manage your processes with low or no code at all.

  • Data and Integration

We ensure that all your industry specific objects (new and modified) are all 100% additive to Salesforce Objects. For data that resides outside Salesforce, we can create an integration tools to easily connect to REST and SOAP endpoints.

Managed Services

  • Proactive Management

We always have your best interest in mind – focusing on controlling and managing the application risks therefore, increasing productivity.

  • Maintenance

With a dedicated and up-to-date certified Vlocity consultants, you are assured to get the latest solution updates for your application.

  • User Support

Our consultants always appear in your corner – conveying genuine concern by providing help and support to overcome business and operation challenges.

  • User Administration

From the administration of your data model, user management, user training to security management,  our trained consultants bring a new class of security and ease-of-use on your fully digital application.


  • Microservice Solution Development

We build you a solution where the business logic is not maintained in a specific channel application (Agent Desktop) but in a service that any channel can leverage. We configure the solution once and style it in any channel.

  • 3rd Party Integration

We can architect the application in a very flexible data structure and make it easy to call out to other system at any point of the process.

  • Custom Development

Our approach is aligned with Salesforce/Vlocity approach – Digital Focus.   We understand the business needs to adapt quickly and innovate for your digital application.

  • Industry Cloud Solution

Combining the power of Salesforce in cloud computing and strength of Vlocity Industry expertise, we tailor a solution distinct to your industry-specific requirements such as business process, regulations and security.

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