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Vlocity Services

At Gerald, we are trained to earn your trust. We are fully committed to make Vlocity as the preferred digital-first industry cloud software, leveraging on technology to better serve you.

Why Choose Vlocity Solutions?

100% native and additive to Salesforce

Leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software

Industry specific interactions across any channel (omnichannel by design)

Pre-integrated services

Digital-First Approach


Our Vlocity Services Offering


By striking a balance between Vlocity Best Practices and the customers business needs, we deliver results not just recommendations. At Gerald, customer inputs are not only welcome but valued.


Exceptional Vlocity implementation is our core goal.  We defined the critical success factors  and create an achievable implementation plans.

Managed Services

Arm with certified and qualified Vlocity resources 24x7x365, we support our customers regardless of geographical location.


Our development objective is to do the right thing the first time, and every subsequent time so that resources are not wasted fixing mistakes.


  • Strategy Consulting

We are thinking beyond our individual roles to find the best solution for you. We implicitly support and take extra steps to exceed your expectations.

  • Discovery and Design

We provide a holistic view of the process, how technology will fulfill that process, and how to deliver an elegant but efficient experience in the customer`s selected channel.

  • Project Recovery

As part of our Project Management and Development Services, we create remedial actions and take the lead to recover the project to the path to success.

  • Digital Enterprise

We isolate business function capabilities into reusable functions (Microservices). We will be side-by side with you in your journey to digital-first approach to simplify user experience and support new devices and channels.


  • Out-of-the-Box Implementation

We are guided with Vlocity/Salesforce configurable service approach – 80% configuration and 20%  custom coding.  We will find a pre-integrated tools or develop a new one for your specific needs.

  • Straight-Through Process Implementation

At Gerald, we will guide you by creating a discrete and achievable straight-through implementation phases. Enacting rules that allow business to flow straight through.

  • Agile Middle and Back Office

With an easy-to-administer middle and back office engines, we will provide and help you manage your processes with low or no code at all.

  • Data and Integration

We ensure that all your industry specific objects (new and modified) are all 100% additive to Salesforce Objects. For data that resides outside Salesforce, we can create an integration tools to easily connect to REST and SOAP endpoints.

Managed Services

  • Proactive Management

We always have your best interest in mind – focusing on controlling and managing the application risks therefore, increasing productivity.

  • Maintenance

With a dedicated and up-to-date certified Vlocity consultants, you are assured to get the latest solution updates for your application.

  • User Support

Our consultants always appear in your corner – conveying genuine concern by providing help and support to overcome business and operation challenges.

  • User Administration

From the administration of your data model, user management, user training to security management,  our trained consultants bring a new class of security and ease-of-use on your fully digital application.


  • Microservice Solution Development

We build you a solution where the business logic is not maintained in a specific channel application (Agent Desktop) but in a service that any channel can leverage. We configure the solution once and style it in any channel.

  • 3rd Party Integration

We can architect the application in a very flexible data structure and make it easy to call out to other system at any point of the process.

  • Custom Development

Our approach is aligned with Salesforce/Vlocity approach – Digital Focus.   We understand the business needs to adapt quickly and innovate for your digital application.

  • Industry Cloud Solution

Combining the power of Salesforce in cloud computing and strength of Vlocity Industry expertise, we tailor a solution distinct to your industry-specific requirements such as business process, regulations and security.

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