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Salesforce Services

At Gerald, we help small to mid-sized clients get most of their Salesforce Investment. We work closely with our clients to ensure Business goals are aligned with the implementation of Salesforce

Why Choose Salesforce Solutions?

No.1 CRM Platform in World

Cloud based multi-channel services offering


Large Ecosystems of Solutions, Partners and Communities

Easy to customize

Endless Integration Options


Our Salesfoce Services Offering


Capitalizing on Salesforce best practices and proven technologies, we guide our customers to achieve sustainable digital business growth.


We guide our customers to have  SMART implementation:
Specific objectives, Measurable Costs, Achievable Targets, Relevant Resources and Time-bound Deliverables.

Managed Services

Our certified expert team offers a 24/7 support and an end-to-end maintenance and monitoring services to keep Salesforce functioning smoothly.


With Time, Scope, Budget and Quality as our critical measurements, we develop tailored made solutions on Salesforce that best fit your business goals


  • Strategy Consulting

With Customer-First mindset, we understand your business needs and determine the best Salesforce products and process workflows that will give the customer business a sustainable growth.

  • Discovery and Design

We perform a deep-dive analysis of your existing systems, business process and workflows and assisting clients on their Digital transformation journey.

  • Project Recovery

With our holistic Project Management and Development services, we create coherent recovery action plans to mitigate risks and returning the project to the path to success.

  • Business Process Optimization

End-to-end solutions for planning, strategizing and implementing Salesforce platforms that can bring more clarity and transparency to your business process.


  • Out-of-the-Box Implementation

Get most out of your Salesforce investment in a very short time. With our OOTB approach  delivery time is short and easy and your user can focus only on necessary functionality.

  • Customized Implementation

We align our custom Salesforce development with your business model to develop customized applications to facilitate faster generation of sales leads, acquisitions and management by adopting agile methodologies.

  • Migration

We understand your business needs & can successfully migrate to Salesforce Sales from other CRM applications along with designing & implementing custom workflow applications.

  • Integration

We plan and execute Salesforce integration solutions with external & internal systems as well as third party systems with Salesforce using SOAP, REST, BULK and APIs along with security considerations

Proactive Management

  • Organization Health Monitoring

We build and automate reports and dashboards for your business to allow visibility on your organization usage and metrics that matter.

  • Proactive Management

We undertake proactive Salesforce Health Check along with a comprehensive assessment service for overall health and performance. 

  • Maintenance

Ongoing administration, change management and system adoption while consistently improving user experience

  • User Support

We provide technical support, enhancements, 24x7 support, and advice of implemented Salesforce solutions as per defined SLAs.


  • User Administration

We manage and train client teams in Salesforce User, profile and permission sets and the functionalities that can be performed based on what is assigned. We enable complex User management in a simplified structure.


  • Custom Solution Development

Develop a custom solution in full accordance with Salesforce guidelines and best-practices using native platform tools like Lightning, LWC, APEX, Visualforce etc. 

  • 3rd Party Integration

In addition to Salesforce native technologies, we build and integrate with JavaScript, Heroku, Java, and mobile (iOS and Android).

  • Apex Development

Assist clients to optimize and improve their business processes with custom Apex and VF/Lightning/LWC Component development.

  • Custom Data Migration

We leverage leading data migration tools like MuleSoft, Jitterbit and others to facilitate a smooth and seamless data transfer to Salesforce from Salesforce and from other external application databases.

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