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Why Choose Tricentis Solutions?

Leader in Test Automation Suites

Model Based Test Automation avoids writing code


Risk based to remove test redundancy from long running tests

End-to-End Continuous Testing

Endless Integration Options


Our Tricentis Services Offering

Quick Start

Get started with our Test Automation unique ‘Quick Start’ package. We jump start your journey  test automation and lay a solid foundation for success by rapidly automating a well-defined set of priority test cases.

SAP Test Automation

We develop automation suites for entire SAP ecosystem, user interfaces, technologies and 3rd Party integrations which includes SAP Service Virtualization, data management, risk-based testing.

Salesforce Test Automation

Our Test Automation Services covers  Salesforce platforms not only  Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and  , Community Cloud but also Vlocity and custom developed application.


Our tailored made TOSCA training offering  support  different expertise levels in our company – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Quick Start

  • Strategy Consulting

We advise on the Test automation objectives, Automation coverage, Platforms (OS, browsers & devices) and environments including methods, release cycles and DevOps.

  • Discovery and Design

We analyze present state of application under test, test artifacts , coverage and methods. Configuration, release management process and release cycles are also analyzed.

  • Proof of Concept

We provide an Automation feasibility study, test tool feasibility study, test automation framework prototype to demonstrate the possibilities and capabilities.

  • Automation Development

We design and develop the test framework, test suites and libraries (including creation and integration of test data) necessary during project implementation.

SAP Test Automation

  • Feasibility Study and Analysis

We advise on how to design your objectives, business goals by analyzing intersystem dependencies along with prioritizing business processes that needs to be automated for better ROI.

  • Automation Development

We help our customers to implement end-to-end process test automation in S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori for Mobile, SAP WinGUI and others. The framework is developed with unit and regression testing for high velocity daily testing. The verticals covered are ECC, SRS, CRM, Logistics, Supply chain and Cloud Solutions.

  • Continuous Testing

We work with customers to define what to test, confirm it works and can scale. Extensive usage of LiveCompare to analyze changes and define what to test to facilitate the regression testing suite.

  • Business Process Testing

We implement end-to-end testing to enable business processes and connect SAP to multiple custom and 3rd party applications. To ensure business process continuity after an SAP update, we leverage Tricentis to resolve end-to-end testing challenges.

Salesforce Test Automation

  • Out-of-the-Box Implementation

We advise on quickly defining your test suites using Tosca’s salesforce engine using model-based test automation that covers both legacy classic application and modern Lightning / LWC based applications. 

  • Customized Implementation

We implement customized cross platform and end-to-end test automation solutions for Salesforce  which is model based test automation to enable reuse and eliminate test case bloat.

  • Migration

We help customers currently using other Test automation tools and repository to analyze and migrate to Tosca test automation suite as part of overall project implementation.

  • Integration

We implement Agile based test automation integrating closely with the existing DevOps process of customers. 

Training - Courses


  1. Getting Started, Introduction to Tricentis Tosca, Single User workspace

  2. Creation of a Module, Identification by Properties, Identification by Anchor

  3. Index based identification, Image scan

  4. Introduction to Standard modules and TestCase Structure    

  5. TestSteps, TestStep Values

  6. Action Modes 

  7. Execution of a Testcase in Execution List

  8. Rescan, ValueRange, Module Merge

  9. Libraries, Self-Defined Test Configuration Parameters

  10. Business Parameters, Resolve reference    

  11. Clarifications and Discussions


  1. Creating and saving artefacts using Tosca, Table Steering

  2. Test sheet creation – Attributes, instances, combinations

  3. Creating Templates, linking values

  4. Modification of templates, Conditions

  5. Create API Testcases

  6. Modification of API Testcases in Tosca

  7. Dynamic Dates

  8. Wildcards and Explicit name

  9. Loops and Conditions

  10. Test Mandates, Recovery and Cleanup Scenarios

  11. Constraint and FireEvent

  12. ResultCount and Repetition 

  13. Steer and Test Microsoft Excel Workbooks.

  14. Clarifications and Discussions


  1. Creating and connecting to a multi-User workspace,

  2. User management in Multi-User workspace

  3. Different types for buffers

  4. Creating a repository for dynamic data and TDM

  5. Creating Templates with Excel data source Wizard,

  6. Providing Conditions for Excel based Templates

  7. Requirements, Business Coverage

  8. Text file automation

  9. Scanning desktop-based applications, Compare PDF files

  10. Setting up Tosca-server, Creating a TDS repository

  11. Test data management using TDS

  12. Setting up Agents for distributed Execution.

  13. Test Events and Distributed execution

  14. Trigger execution and Monitor Test Events

  15. Integration of Tosca with Jenkins

  16. Clarifications and Discussions


Test Automation Services

Our Test Automation Services reinvent Software Testing for DevOps. Our clients test faster and earlier improve software quality and gain real-time insight into the business risks associated with every release. 

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